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So this started out as a well thought out thing but then I took a nap, woke up, and started rambling.  It’s no where near as smart as other things I’ve done but still.  Meh.  I want to talk about it.  Also there are no pictures.

Water is a pretty powerful thing.  It’s important to every culture on Earth.  When it comes down to it, our bodies need water to survive.  It’s important, which explains why so many gods and goddesses are born of water, why so many astrological signs are rooted in water, why so many different religions have rituals that require water.  There are even people that claim they have reached enlightenment just because they have meditated on the properties and wonder of water.  Water is awesome, okay?

But what does it have to do with Teen Wolf?


It’s a safe assumption to say that fire is an important motif in Teen Wolf, season one. 

It is important to season one.  You can even argue that it still is.  

Fire, symbolically, stands for a lot of things: passion, desire, consumption, being wild, uncontrolled.  But (according to being dedicated to Avatar: the Last Airbender) it’s also about life.  A way to start over.  It’s horrible and causes pain if left unchecked, but once it happens the only way you can move is forward.  Rebuild, grow, make new again. 

And what better way to show this than with water?

Now, I’ve talked about the opening credits and how water plays an important part in it, but now I want to talk about how it plays an important part in the show itself.  At least so far.

Water can mean a bunch of different things: transformation, subconciousness, purification, reflection, intuition, rebirth, motion, life. 

It shares “life” in common with fire.  You have to wash away the ash to get anywhere with rebuilding your life after a fire.

But here’s a tangent that I promise I will bring back to water and fire.

Derek’s tattoo.

It’s a Celtic triskelion, if you didn’t already have some common knowledge of what it is. You can google if you want super detailed information, but here’s a quick overview: 

In a symbology class I took years ago, I learned that it was a symbol of life and renewal, of constant change and a reminder to keep moving forward.  It’s a symbol of three.   It has lunar qualities showcasing the three stages of the lunar cycle… Full, Crescent, New.  A constant ebb and flow to the cycle.  A reminder that the celestial bodies keep moving, and so should you.  

It’s a symbol of life and constant motion.

But gosh, for Derek to tattoo a symbol of “keep moving forward” permanently onto himself… he chose a weird place to put it.  Behind him.  Hmm.

Basically, a triskelion’s three arms for different things, and always in threes.  Mind - Body - Spirit.  Past - Present - Future.  Creation - Preservation - Destruction.  And the lunar cycle - New - Crescent - Full.  (and, for the sake of what the show is about… my money is on that one.)  But there are other things, but I want to focus on the lunar cycle.

There is a school of thought that, since our bodies are made up of mostly water, then the celestial bodies have some sort of power over them.  It’s why “lunatic” is a word.  Because people act crazier on full moons.  Like the moon can control our very blood.  Now, there is no scientific proof to back this up, but belief is a very powerful thing.

It’s also a great tool in werewolf mythology.  There is no other creature in our world’s cultures that are effected by the moon quite like a werewolf is, amirite?

Werewolves are effected by the moon just like water is.  Also water has three different molecular states: Vapor, Liquid, and Solid.  Fog, Rain, Ice.  It’s all a form of water in the end.

And season two (and parts of season one) are full of water.

Water is important this season.  Moreso than fire was last season.  It’s more prevalent.  I feel like they are throwing it at us.


I really think Jackson coming out of the water was his ‘rebirth’ just like Isaac’s father dying in the rain was his chance for rebirth.  The ice has more to do with Boyd considering he works at the ice rink, and hopefully we will learn more about him other than he was a bit of a loner.

The ice was a bit of an awakening for Lydia as her first big, full on actual vision after running around in the woods occurs in the ice rink.  (Now thinking about it, her first vision was actually in the shower with the burnt arm reaching out for her.  It happens in the shower.  With water.)   She breaks down from it.  But she’s got to start sensing that she’s just a little bit off after the ice rink incident.  Regardless of how, ice was involved.

(There’s also an idea with Erica and her “aura” before one of her seizures.   She tastes blood in her mouth before a seizure.  Which I was going somewhere with this about blood and the moon and the controlling of something or other but I forget but it was on my list so I wanted to mention it.  Maybe someone will read this and there will be an epiphany idk.  Sorry.)

The pool scene - on a pure character based level - was about survival less than about a rebirth.  Unless this is the start of some kind of trust between Stiles and Derek (and honestly, if that doesn’t happen then wow those boys have ~issues~) then they were fighting against water to survive.  While everyone else is busy moving forward, they are stuck in the middle of it, treading for their lives.  They aren’t moving so much as trapped.

And shipping goggles on:  They are together. They have to rely on each other in order to survive.

Then you could go crazy-deeper and say that Derek fell into the water (renewal, moving forward - starting his new pack) with no chance of moving (no idea what he’s doing and being in over his head in teaching them and being their Alpha) and Stiles jumps in after him to hold him up (Stiles jumps in head first after Derek to help him figure out how to move forward.)

Because water is about becoming something new.  It’s about change.  It’s about life continuing on.

But Derek is stuck in the water (not moving when he should be) and Stiles is holding him up (trying to move, but being held where he is by Derek.  In other words - Derek’s immobility is holding Stiles back or pulling him under.) 

And Lizard-Monster doesn’t like water.  Either it A) Can’t swim but I’d go with B) it can see it’s own reflection in the water.  It gets confused and angry by it’s own reflection, so it would make sense why it doesn’t like water. 

Then there is one last thing that the third episode brought up for me.

"Derek has to have at least three."

Where did this come from?  Did I miss something? 

But anyway, Derek needs three Betas.  Why three?

Because the triskelion and all the wonderful symbols that come with it.  Threes are important to werewolves in this mythology.  The pack has to have three Betas.  And in our show version of werewovles, there are three different types of werewolves: Alpha, Beta, Omega.  The triskelion symbol comes in threes.  The Moon has three big cycles.  Those moon cycles control water.  And water is symbolic in season two and I’m freaking out because this show is SO GOOD I WANT TO ROLL AROUND IN IT.

Sorry okay I’m done and if you read this whole thing I’m sorry there isn’t really a conclusion I suck at those.

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