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accidental marriage 


here’s to hoping all the cap/tony dialogue in aou is borderline flirtatious because reasons

those hardest to love need it most

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fics where they go from zero to rock hard in two sentences confuse me


(The second I find proper gifs for this scene I will replace these eye sores, oh my god, I am so sorry for the ugliness.)

I absolutely love this scene from a cinematic point of view. It is shot so beautifully.

We watch from below the surface of the water, looking up at the action, but it’s distorted. We’re not a part of it all, just observers, which is further enhanced by the frog’s perspective. Then Steve hits the surface and starts to sink. He enters our world of in-between, near but so far away. His descent is slow because of the water, but he is approaching us, us lowly mortals and watchers.

Then the camera cuts and while we’re still underwater, we are looking down at Steve. The power has been given back to us. And as we see his face, we see that he is unconscious and… peaceful. His hair fans out like a crown and his arms are extended towards us but relaxed. The sun glitters and lights his face and that’s when we realize he is disappearing. The murky water is swallowing him up, obscuring him from our sight.

We are watching Steve die.

Then we’re back to us looking up at the surface, where the sun lights it up until it’s painfully bright. We no longer see Steve; at this moment, we are Steve. We are all in limbo, inches from death. And that’s when the Winter Soldier appears.

This is my absolute favourite part. The Winter Soldier’s hand is not one of a saviour, emerging from the darkness and pulling us up towards the light. His hand appears from above, its shape and shadow blotting out the sun just like a shark would, and it reaches down towards us just before the screen fades to black.

That hand is something hostile, dangerous, untrustworthy. The Winter Soldier is no mermaid pulling Steve up onto the shore to serenade him; he is a shark pushing his prey to land before leaving, and just as inconcievable an event.

Damn. This whole movie was beautifully shot but this scene has definitely stayed with me.

(I also feel that the fact that the Winter Soldier-Bucky-Winter Soldier didn’t jump in straight after Steve makes the scene even more powerful and poignant. There is an implied struggle within the Winter Soldier between everything his mind knows and everything his bones know, and the bones win out when he comes to Steve’s rescue. That uncertainty we feel as we watch Steve slip away really brings home the point of how massive that internal struggle was.)

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I just really want a fic where Steve and Tony do some stupid side by side dance move and it’s just their thing and for Steve, halfway through the dance move, realizes what’s happening

A MCU/616 crossover that deals with the fallout of the civil war



“Is the Winter Soldier the world’s most dangerous assassin that’s ever lived or the world’s longest serving P.O.W.?” Anthony Russo asked.

do u ever cry?


Imagine Peggy at Steve’s second funeral


whatever you do don’t imagine steve at peggy’s funeral


If looks could kill.


I wasn’t lying


I wasn’t lying


If you ever feel bad just remeber there is a gif of me floating around tumblr of when I was 8 and I sat on the escalator and knocked down a table of jewelry at macys